Portable air sofa chair

by Laughing Buddha


– Nice comfortable Chair with Ottoman, which can be also be used as a seat by a partner, or even as a side table to stack so books or papers.
– Deluxe inflatable furniture for dormitory and home use.
– Contoured seat with comfortable backrest and a footstool.
– Waterproof flocked surface for comfort

Max loading: 331lbs/150kgs (Chair) / 154lbs/70kg (Stool)
Dimension & Weight of Lounger Chair: 49''x39''x33'' (125x100x85cm)/4.4lbs (2.0kg)
Dimension & Weight of Footstool: 25''x12'' (63x29cm) / 0.88lbs (0.4kg)
About the smell:
Generally, put the inflatable sofa in a ventilated place for about 2 days, the smell will naturally disappear.

First time use:
For first time use, inflate the sofa 80% (Do not 100%), and use it after 8 hours.
It is normal for the new product to have a small amount of air added every day in the early stage of stretching.

1. For the first time use in winter, leave the new product at room temperature and only open the product package after 4 hours
2. For only one person to use, air can be more full. But if two persons to use, need to deflate a small amount. Season varies, pay attention to deflate a small amount.
3. NEVER 100% inflate (especially in summer). If too full, it will cause the bed surface to expand and bulge, and unable to repair.
4. When the temperature drops, the bed will become softer. This is a normal phenomenon and can add air regularly.
5. keep the ground flat, no nails, stabs, keychains and other sharp objects. Away from fire.

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