2 In 1 Silicon Cream Scrapper And Brush

by Antique_Collection


A edible silicone mixing spatula set, ideal for making cakes, pizza, bread, chocolate, pudding, pie, ice cube or applying butter.

Product Description

Mixing Scrapper = 24.5 cm

Brush =23cm

Fits comfortably in hands.

Safe on kitchen utensil, won’t scratch your utensil.

Made of silicone, and easy to clean, dishwasher safe.

Ergonomic design and weight, is perfect for kitchen ware.

This item is made of non-toxic,eco-friendly,edible silicone,can be use in minus 40 degrees up to 230 degrees centigrade.

Reusable, non-stick surfaces, sturdy, flexible, soft, easy to grip and convenient to wash.

The mixing scraper set is made from durable superb silicone, ergonomic design and weight to make it perfect for kitchen ware.

Ideal tools for mixing bowls,stockpots,or anything else in your kitchen.

Superior heat resistant,stain resistant and fits comfortably in left or right hand,features a convenient hole to hang or store.Dishwasher safe.

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