2 wheeler kikds safety belt

2 Wheeler Kids Safety Belt


  • Adjustable strap for Child
  • Comes with Tiny Pocket
  • Suitable kids age limit: 2 to 12 years
  • Adjustable strap for Adult with waist up to 60 inch
  • Made of Nylon Fabric
  • Strong Derlin Buckles
  • Certified by SGS Int

Product Description

Your child’s safety on the road is paramount. And KidSafe Belt is here to ensure it. KidSafe Belt, a safety harness that keeps your child comfortably strapped to you while riding the bike or scooter, especially if you have to make a sharp turn to avoid a pothole or to counter a skid. KidSafe Belt is a revolutionary product, meticulously designed to take care of your son or daughter while you focus on driving. No longer do you have to worry that your child might fall asleep and lose the fragile grip, or be thrown off the seat when the road gets rough. The innovative safety device is tested and certified for quality and utmost protection. Specifications: Suitable kids age limit: 2 to 12years Adjustable strap for Child Adjustable strap for Adult with waist up to 60 inch Made of high strength Nylon fabric Buckles made of high strength Derlin Certified by SGS International

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