Body Scrubber Towel (Pack of 2)

by Laughing Buddha


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Product Description

Scrub off dirt from every inch of your body with this Hard Beauty Towel. It gently exfoliates dead skin cells from your body. Now you reach your back clean your ears in between toes and other hard to clean areas with just one effective and easy to use body scrubber.Unlike loofahs which make it hard for you to use to cleanears navel toes or your back. This towel makes a rich lather for a luxurious yet thoroughly clean bathing experience. It’s compact and lightweight making it easy to bring with you when you travel. It’s also easy to clean and air dries easily
Size: long 96 x 28.5cm
How to use:
1. Soak in water and lather with your favorite bathing soap
2. Rub on your body preferably using circular motion
3. Hold on both ends to reach your back and rub from side to side
4. Wash with soap again after use to keep it clean

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