electric heating pad

Electric Heating Pad


Package Includes
-a heating pad
-an outer cover
-a 1.75m power connector with dual mode temperature controller

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Product Description

User’s Guide:
1. Do not fold and use.
2. Do not insert pins.
3. Do not use when it’s wet.
4. Using for a long time in the high temperature setting position (high-end) will cause skin burns.
5. Don’t let people who cannot take care of themselves, infants or people who are sensitive to heat use it.
6. The heating pad cannot be exposed to the sun or baked to avoid damage to the heating wire insulation.
7. The user should not sleep while the appliance is operating.
8. Avoid pressing wrinkles on the appliance. 9. This device is not intended to be used in hospitals.
10. It can only be used with the electrical switch of this product.
11. Frequently check whether there are signs of wear or damage on the appliance. If there are such signs, or if the appliance has been misused.
12. Do not wash or dry clean.
13. When storing, place it naturally flat in a dry place, and no heavy objects can be placed on it. When using it again, carefully check the surface of the heating pad in the appliance, the controller and the power cord for any abnormalities. If there is any abnormality, do not power on.
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