mobile security for android

K7 Mobile Security For Android 1 Device – 1 Year

by Computer Planet


  • Safeguards from malicious apps.
  • Track your smartphone in case of loss or theft.
  • Protects you as you surf online.


Product Description

Antivirus Protection

The best antivirus for the needs

of your mobile devices.

Simple Installation and Usage

Designed to be simple and

clear with a basic set up.

Anti-theft Technology

In case of loss or theft of

your smartphone lets

you track it in realtime.

Browse Worry-Free

Safeguards you from hackers

and phishers as you surf online.

Backup and Restore Data

Create backups for your contacts

and messages. Restore them

to other devices.

Retrieval Assist Features

Assists you in retrieval of your

lost smartphone with features

like burglar alarm and more.

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