Portable Electric Lunch Box Steel

by Nayaa Naulo


No more cold lunches at school/work! Get an electric lunch box which will keep your food fresh and hot.

Product Description

If you’ve grown tired of eating cold lunches every day, or are just paranoid about the harmful effects of microwave cooking, this electronic lunch box is just the thing for you!

With a 600ml capacity, and a detachable container, you”ll be able to easily pack your rice, vegetables, and meat for your meals rather than having to eat out every day. Just plug your lunch box into an electrical socket and you”ll be able to enjoy piping hot food anywhere, any time!


It has a ventilation system that helps keep food fresh and is made with high temperature resistant material.

The handle makes it easy to carry.

Enjoy your food like it was freshly cooked with this great lunch.

The perfect lunch buddy for school/college goers or working professionals.


Voltage Power: 220V / 50HZ Power: 40W.


Rice container 0.6L detachable Stainless Steel

Dish container 0.45L,

Weight: 0.8kg

Dimensions (LxWxH): 24cm x 17.5cm x 10.5cm

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